Giving our visitors insight into what criteria we look at before listing a sportsbook

We actually look at a number of criteria before we even consider a sportsbook for a listing here at 1-Sportsbook.

We look at how long they have been open as well as how long they have been online. Rarely would we list a book during their first year of operations since we like to look at what kind of history the book has taking care of players.

We also often discuss the property with other portal owners who have been promoting them for a time. We feel this is a good policy since this gives us the opportunity to see if they have received complaints about them from their player base.

The discussions that take place among ourselves and other gambling portal owners help us uncover patterns of slow payments, bonus problems or other player issues since we are often comparing different cross sections of player bases and helps those of us involved in the discussions recognize the patterns more quickly.

We also look for both criticisms as well as compliments from players at some of the many player forums and blog sites around the net.

Just about any sportsbook, casino or poker room that has been open any length of time will usually have a few complaints since this is normal for any business that has thousands of customers. We keep an eye on the complaints and whether the property will ignore them, or step up to the plate and take steps to solve problems or issues when they arise.

We also look more closely at what the complaints are, and watch for patterns in case they have an extremely large amount of complaints that are not being handled.

Player payments and cashouts are also very important. Whether a sportsbook has a good track record with getting players paid their winnings in a timely fashion is extremely important. An occassional delay in payments that is only temporary might be acceptable, but not a pattern of delays.

Do they offer a number of payment methods with reasonable turn around times and fees that are comparable to the rest of the industry?

The above is just a short list of some of the things we look at before we consider a sportsbook for a listing here at 1-Sportsbook. If a book can pass on the points on this short list, then we will look at which sports are covered, whether they have good lines and odds and the general reputation of player satisfaction and fairness.

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