Our top recommendations on the best sportsbooks online!

Based upon our investigative research, we have come up with a list of our top recommended sportsbooks. For more insight into how we actually make our picks, see this page.

Depending on where you live and the sports that you enjoy betting on the most may help determine which books are the best choices for your specific needs.

As an example, not all online sportsbooks accept players from the United States. Some books might have better odds on dog racing but not as good on tennis or soccer. Because of this, a single sportsbook may not be enough and you may need an account at more than one book.

What we can do to help you in your quest for the best sportsbooks for the type of sports betting that YOU want to do is provide you with a list of trusted sportsbooks for you to choose from. Armed with this list you can then visit the books and investigate whether you are comfortable with the odds on the sports you are most interested in.

Be sure to check the promotions pages to see if they offer any specials for a specific sport. As an example, William Hill offers best odds guaranteed on horse racing and dog racing. Here is how that works (The whole process is simple. All you have to do is take the current price – whether it’s an earlybird price or the current board price, and if the SP on the declared result is bigger than the price you took, we’ll pay you out at the SP.)

Obviously, if you like playing the ponies or the dogs and you haven’t seen William Hill yet, they should be added to your list of “must visits”.

Basically, we have just tried to show you the logic behind checking out a few sportsbooks, even to the point of making a deposit to test them out (only if this is economically feasable) as this will help you get a feel for the book and help you determine if in fact they will be a bookie you will want to stay with long term.

Using 1-Sportsbook as resource from which to draw from can help with your search for the best sportsbooks for YOU, since by starting with our listings you are able to draw your choices from the pool of the very best books available online.